How Technology Improved Sewing Machines

different sewing machinesSewing machines have been around through the history of mankind. These machines were found in every home being used to mend shirts and clothes for families. Most women in the early centuries were taught how to sew either hand or to use a machine. The first few sewing machines in production can only do a few stitches and mend only a few types of fabrics.

Sewing machines were first used mostly in the United States of America where the inventor first launched his factory using the first invented sewing machines. However, because many people were threatened that they will lose their livelihood, this factory was burned down and the owner almost killed.

Today, sewing is also taught in most schools and not only women but men are trying to learn this skill. Because of technology, sewing machines also evolved from simple machines to highly technical equipment. It is also the reason it’s easier to make clothes today compared to earlier times. You can read on the latest sewing machines from this site.

Here are a few examples of the modern features that sewing machines have.

Needle Threader

This is the best feature ever invented to be added to the modern sewing machine. As people get older, it gets even harder to thread a needle properly. Many people should be thankful for this feature.

Adjustable foot pressure

It comes in many forms but it is usually a knob that you can tighten according to the fabric that you are using. If you always break needles because they are not meant for the type of fabric that you are using, this feature will be able to save you a lot of time.

Speed control

This is a feature that most people use more than they think they would. This is most useful in delicate parts of the fabric while you are sewing where slowing down helps. Adjusting the speed can help your pacing when you need it the most.

Table to make a flat sewing surface

There are machines where small tables are included to extend the surface that you are working on while sewing. This can be a big help if your projects involve large garments such as home decorations, gowns, and bags.

Needle up / down button

Traditional sewers are used to moving the wheel of the machine to be able to move the needle away from the fabric. Today, there is a button that lets you adjust the needle according to your liking so you can position the garment underneath. This feature works well when sewing tight corners or gathers.

Bult-in patterns and stitches

Modern day sewing machines came with screens and built-in patterns or stitches. This helps people who are amateur at sewing. Stitches for buttonholes are especially used by people who just learned how to sew. This feature is very helpful for beginners. You can check out reviews for the best sewing machines for beginners from

With the help of technology, there are more and more people who are encouraged to learn how to sew. Compared to hand sewing and traditional machines, modern machines give people enough chance to build and mend their clothes the easier way.

What a Techie has to Consider When He has Kids

babytransitHaving a baby is a very exciting experience for any parent, and if you are expecting a baby, you start thinking about the things that you need to have when he arrives. This is also true for techie soon-to-be parents. Just because you love technology doesn’t make you heartless and less excited about having your little one appear right in front of you, right? The only thing that will be different when it comes to techie parents is probably the choices that they make for their child’s clothes, toys, and even their strollers. Yes, the first thing that your child will ever ride is a stroller, and I know that a lot of images are already running through your heads when it comes to the design and specifics of the stroller. Don’t worry; there are many different kinds of strollers out in the market that is sure to satisfy your nerdy taste.

If you and your partner are already on the lookout for the coolest and meanest strollers that’s fit for your baby, you might want to check this list out for starters.

Star Wars AT-AT Stroller

This is a creation of Mr. Rick Russo, and it features the wicked shape of a Star Wars walker. It also comes with a set of cool gadgets for both the parents and the baby. This cool stroller is sure to bring out the Star Wars geek in you and entertain you at the same time. May the force be with you!

Star Wars R2-D2 Stroller

This awesome stroller features the most lovable Star Wars robot of all times, R2-D2. This stroller was obviously made by a die-hard Star Wars fan. There is nothing much to say about the stroller because it’s already R2-D2 but if you want to make it more interesting, you can dress your kid up as Luke Skywalker.

Solar Powered Stroller

This beautiful concept for a stroller was showcased at the Tokyo Design Week. It shows that the children are the future so we need to protect them and turn green so they can see the world as a better place. If you are a big environmentalist, this is the stroller for you.

Foldable Stroller

This stroller was designed by Ascanio Afan de Rivera and is very futuristic because it can be transformed into different forms and sizes—it can even fit your luggage when you travel. Although it’s only made with 11 different parts, this stroller is very sturdy and can be very comfortable for your child to be in. It might make a good convertible car seat stroller too.

Wheel Stroller

This stroller is made with a very protective textile material that covers your baby’s skin from harsh UV rays. It also features a projector and speakers to make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and is always entertained. The City Select double strollers protect a baby from UV rays, you might want to check out the products.

Smart Baby Case

This baby case is a new concept which makes it seem that your baby is just part of your luggage. If you put the baby inside with any clothes, an auto diaper feature will clean him up when needed. There are air filters installed to keep the case clean at all times, and a baby monitor lets you check your baby without having to look inside. It’s very intriguing in a creepy way.

Why I Love Bow Hunting Game Development

Why I love bow online hunting games is because they are very similar to real bow hunting and I can enjoy the thrill of stalking a target and watch my bow hunting game development to see how I improve with practice.

Bows and arrows are the oldest hunting weapons and were also used as fighting weapons in war by serving archers, only spears preceded them. There have been several types of bows over the years, the oldest being the traditional longbow.

These were over five feet (1.5 metres) long and were normally made of yew although elm was also used. The strings of the longbow were made from sinews taken from the legs of deer or animal gut. Then hunters discovered they got greater flexibility and accuracy by using composite bows made from a combination of materials. So bows began to be made of horn and bone mixed with the wood with sinews and gut.

In the middle of the 20th Century the compound bow was invented, these bows have pulleys and cams on the ends of the limbs with a long string that crosses the bow several times. As the archer draws the string to its fullest extent the weight of the bow rapidly drops. This is due to one of the limbs having an elliptical cam on it which controls the weight and makes the arrows fly faster and hit the target more accurately. These bows are designed for maximum accuracy due to the release aids and scope and the arrows give a flatter trajectory.

The recurve bow is so-called because of the reverse curves at the ends so the limbs curve in towards the archer and gives the archer a very powerful shot. Olympic archers shoot with recurve bows as they are the only type of bow allowed in the Olympic Games. Beginners can buy cheap versions until they get used to them but after about six months they will want to move on to a heavier version.

The Best Compound Bow

So which is the best compound bow to get for real hunting? According to several hunters the best compound bow is the Stinger NI ready to shoot bow. It is one hundred per cent accurate, quiet to use and light to hold. It also has immense power and is ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

It has a five inch draw length but this is adjustable to suit each archer. It also comes in different draw strengths so it is suitable for beginners and children as well as experienced archers. This is the make of bow which beginners can start on a low strength until they have become proficient at shooting then move up to a higher draw strength. It is also ideal for families as it means the children can use exactly the same bow as their Dad or Mum.

Online Bow Hunting Games

There are different versions of bow hunting games you can play online, but they are all classic hunting games and are as realistic as the real thing in the great outdoors.

You are placed in the middle of a forest dressed in camouflage gear with your trusty bow in your hand. You are trying desperately not to tread on a twig to alert the deer that has suddenly appeared in your sight and you slowly raise your bow and fire as the adrenalin courses through your body.

The object is to shoot as many deer as you can to earn points and it is also a game you can play on your own and you can have great fun competing against your friends. Bow hunting online is easy and fun, you are not shooting real animals so you are not breaking any law. But it takes time to earn decent points, that is why I love bow hunting game development.


Developing Proper Archery Form

As tech geeks, we love everything that involves technicality and this includes archery and hunting with compound bows. You might be using the best tuned bow that has a lot of cool accessories to make it even better, but if you don’t have a good form your accuracy won’t be good enough. You need to master many processes to have that perfect shooting form. However, once you understand everything, archery will most likely be like second nature. While having the best compound bow is important, form will help you maximize or use your bow properly.

The point where you put your feet while taking a shot can greatly affect where your arrow strikes. A person’s body has a natural center point so if you don’t position your feet properly, you might not achieve this natural point, It will cause the body will fight your current position impeding accuracy during a shot.

Three Basic Stances

There are three basic stances that you need to consider when taking a shot. The first one is the squared stance where your feet are in-line with each other. The closed stance is when one foot is a step forward from your body. The open stance is when your front foot is pointing towards the target. The stance that you should choose must be comfortable for you. You can start with your feet shoulders width apart and your body weight should be spread between the rear and midsection of the feet.

Most experts will tell you to choose an open stance because it will put the chest toward the target and allow you to have a bigger bowstring clearance in the bow arm and chest. Although it is the most commonly used, this stance may not be for all types of people. You need to ask someone to help you find your perfect stance while you are in front of an archery target. Close your eyes and move your feet and your body until you get the most comfortable position. Take note of the direction of your aim when you open your eyes.

You need to haul the bowstring back and you should not use your small bicep muscles for this activity. The larger and more stable muscles of your upper back and your shoulder can be used instead for more weight pulling and steadier aim. After you’ve done all this, put your bow down and point an arrow to aiming spot to find your perfect stance.

When it comes to gripping the bow you want to do so in such a way that hand torque is not promote In other words, you want your grip to be as torque-free as possible. To do this, you first need to find the best location for the grip to contact your hand. This can easily be accomplished with a simple test.

Gripping your bow should be done in a way where the hand torque is not upheld. Your grip should be free from torque. Find the best location for the grip when you hold the arrow, you can do this by holding your bow hand out like you’re gripping the bow. Take the thumb of your other hand and poke your bow hand with it in different parts. All parts of your hand will collapse except one part and that is what you are looking for to place the bows grip while you draw your bow.

The Perfect Diet Plan for My Fellow Tech Geeks

If you are a tech geek who spends a lot of time at your desk, like me, then the GM diet trend may be something you could be interested in. For people with sedentary lifestyles, such as desk jobs, it is important to keep up with a good diet to make up for the lack of activeness. The General Motors diet was actually created 30 years ago by General Motors to keep their employees healthy and happy while working for them. The diet helps most people lose an average of 10 to 17 pounds per week. While many people are very skeptical of these numbers, they are realistic when you follow the basis of this diet which is to eat foods that burn more calories than they have.

Many people worry that this diet is just a “quick fix,” and the good news is that it is a quick fix. However, the weight you lose will not come back after a week or so of bad eating after the diet like many other diets that only help you lose water weight only. People have continually found that they lose real weight that stays off. Find out what happens after the diet is finished.

The reason people lose so much weight that stays off with the GM diet is because the combination of foods you are eating actually put your body into a detoxification process. It can actually cleanse your entire body this week and last you a lifetime. Many people stop craving junk food after the GM diet because their bodies start to want the healthy food options that keep it clean and running well.

Many people who do the week long GM diet notice a huge improvement with their bowel movements. This is due to the increase in fiber from the foods they are eating and the amount of water you are drinking. Six to eight glasses of water today can regulate your digestion and keep weight off by allowing your body to not store excess water.

When on diets many people complain of a loss of energy. This is quite the opposite with the GM diet, as the foods you are eating and staying so hydrated will actually cause you to have more energy and stay more active even while you are eating healthier and less. The amount of weight you lose on this diet keeps people motivated versus the average of one pound a week most other diets will allow you to lose.

The GM diet has many alternative options that work great for people who are vegetarian or vegan or even people of other ethnicities, like the Indian alternative. Although it is recommended to only drink large quantities of water, you can also drink black coffee, tea and club soda.

Many people love this diet and have had success because it is flexible, logical and keeps you motivated and energized. You can find the day to day meal plans for the GM diet online and also find all the alternative options.

Staying Gun Safe as a Tech Geek

As a tech geek we know the importance of following guidelines and rules. When programming, if we just forget all of the rules none of our websites, programs or anything will function correctly. This applies to all areas of our lives. Personally, I enjoy collecting guns both for recreational use and selling.

All states have laws and regulations about gun safety. While many still do not require that you keep your guns in a gun safe, I believe it is one of the most important things you can do.

Gun safes can be made for many different reasons. They protect against theft, damage in any home fires or natural disaster incidents or to keep your gun out of reach of children and untrained people to avoid any accidents. Many people are killed each year due to a gun not being locked away in a gun safe and someone playing around with the gun. Do you have family or friends that may  ome in contact with your gun? If so, getting a gun safe is the responsible decision.

Types of Gun Safe

There are different types of gun safes. Some gun safes are only large enough to hold one gun, however, often the can be bolted onto a desk or similar area. This is a great option for tech geeks who want to keep a gun close to them in their office for emergencies. The gun will be stored safely and still in reach if it is ever needed.

From there gun safes get larger and larger. Before purchasing a gun safe it is important to analyze how many guns you have that need to be stored away and the sizes of the guns. Some safes are meant for many handguns while others are meant to store large shot guns and others have spots for both. Also, it is a good idea to plan where you want to put the safe. If not under your desk like mentioned before, do you have a closet large enough to hold the gun safe you are interested? Some gun safes can be installed into your wall and hidden with artwork.

As with everything you will purchase throughout life you must keep in mind of your budget before purchasing a safe. Some safes run very cheap at about $150 while other range into the thousands of dollars. It all depends on the size and features you are interested in. If you are mostly concerned about locking away a few guns from children a locking, metal cabinet can do the trick but if you are concerned about protecting expensive investments you will want a higher quality safe that will cost a bit more.

Do your research and always read the reviews before making your purchase whether you plan to buy online or in stores. If you are planning to buy a gun safe you are already making the responsible choice.

The Tech Geek Life: The Perfect Messenger Bag

It seems as if we are busier than ever before nowadays. We have to balance work, a social life, health and any personal entrepreneurships or goals we have going on. And with a busy life comes a lot to carry around! It is so important to always be prepared and with that comes carrying around a lot of different items and having a bag that works well with our schedules.

Sure, you could use a briefcase, purse or a tote. But what type of bag is really going to be efficient?

As a true tech geek we need a bag that works for our lifestyle. Messenger bags are the perfect mix of professional and casual and have many pockets and all the space you need when carrying a day’s worth of stuff. They can hold your laptop, sandwich, notebook, an extra shirt, a handful of extra pens, gum and many other things you need for the day.

So why wouldn’t you use a messenger bag?

The prices can be overwhelming to people. Why pay so much for a bag?! A high quality messenger bag can cost between $50 and $500. This all depends on the material it’s made of, the brand and the overall quality. Keep reading to find out how to pick the perfect messenger bag for your busy, technology centered life.

1. Style: To some this may be the most important thing in a bag. All bags can hold stuff. But which ones look good doing it? Style is defined by the person carrying the bag. Are you attracted to cute prints like the ones featured on Lilly Pulitzer bags? Or do you prefer the sleek and professional look of a leather bag?

2. Quality: This is important to everyone, nobody wants to spend money on a bag that isn’t going to last more than a few weeks (or in my experience even less). Look for materials that are strong, like real leather. Cenzo Italian Leather messenger bag seem to be a lauded messenger bag. Find bags that have secure, adjustable straps. Always check the company’s warranties and return policies. The companies with the best policies are the ones who have the best luck with their products.

3. Size: Think about what you need your bag to hold and how many pockets you will need. Some people need a big open bag with few pockets to carry bulkier items, while others want zippers and pockets to organize their items in. Many bags have pockets specifically designed for laptops, iPads or even Kindles. This again is a personal preference but very important to consider before buying a bag.

If you love the bag, it has great reviews and a good warranty go for it. The perfect messenger bag can only be chosen by you. So think about what you want and do your research. After getting your messenger bag, prepare to be more efficient and prepared for your everyday routine.