The Tech Geek Life: The Perfect Messenger Bag

It seems as if we are busier than ever before nowadays. We have to balance work, a social life, health and any personal entrepreneurships or goals we have going on. And with a busy life comes a lot to carry around! It is so important to always be prepared and with that comes carrying around a lot of different items and having a bag that works well with our schedules.

Sure, you could use a briefcase, purse or a tote. But what type of bag is really going to be efficient?

As a true tech geek we need a bag that works for our lifestyle. Messenger bags are the perfect mix of professional and casual and have many pockets and all the space you need when carrying a day’s worth of stuff. They can hold your laptop, sandwich, notebook, an extra shirt, a handful of extra pens, gum and many other things you need for the day.

So why wouldn’t you use a messenger bag?

The prices can be overwhelming to people. Why pay so much for a bag?! A high quality messenger bag can cost between $50 and $500. This all depends on the material it’s made of, the brand and the overall quality. Keep reading to find out how to pick the perfect messenger bag for your busy, technology centered life.

1. Style: To some this may be the most important thing in a bag. All bags can hold stuff. But which ones look good doing it? Style is defined by the person carrying the bag. Are you attracted to cute prints like the ones featured on Lilly Pulitzer bags? Or do you prefer the sleek and professional look of a leather bag?

2. Quality: This is important to everyone, nobody wants to spend money on a bag that isn’t going to last more than a few weeks (or in my experience even less). Look for materials that are strong, like real leather. Cenzo Italian Leather messenger bag seem to be a lauded messenger bag. Find bags that have secure, adjustable straps. Always check the company’s warranties and return policies. The companies with the best policies are the ones who have the best luck with their products.

3. Size: Think about what you need your bag to hold and how many pockets you will need. Some people need a big open bag with few pockets to carry bulkier items, while others want zippers and pockets to organize their items in. Many bags have pockets specifically designed for laptops, iPads or even Kindles. This again is a personal preference but very important to consider before buying a bag.

If you love the bag, it has great reviews and a good warranty go for it. The perfect messenger bag can only be chosen by you. So think about what you want and do your research. After getting your messenger bag, prepare to be more efficient and prepared for your everyday routine.